Queen City Angels Closes Investment in Pittsburgh-based C360

CINCINNATI and PITTSBURGH – October 11, 2022 – Queen City Angels (QCA) is pleased to announce the closing of an investment in C360, a Pittsburgh-based computer vision SaaS company that provides solutions to leading broadcasters and sports leagues around the world. C360’s award-winning image processing and ultra-high-quality video output is used by the leaders in sports broadcasting, including the leading sports networks, as well as the most popular sports leagues in the United States. The QCA investment will help C360 continue to expand its reach and technology to deliver direct-to-consumer OTT (over-the-top) immersive experiences for viewers everywhere. “Oftentimes when we watch sports broadcasts, it’s the small things that make the biggest difference, such as the yard-to-gain markers or the pylon cameras in football that are critical to the game and the viewer experience,” said Thomas Browning, a member of QCA. “Rarely do people know the people and companies behind these technologies that improve the viewing experience, but we are fortunate for the opportunity to play a small part in what the future holds for C360 and sports fans around the world. C360 is truly changing how we experience live sports, and while their impact is already seen and felt by millions of viewers every week, there is so much more that they will do in the months and years to come.” Among C360’s products are technologies used in game action every week in collegiate and major sports leagues, including pylon cameras in professional and college football games; CornerCam for baseball games; NetCam for professional hockey; overhead cameras in college basketball; and onboard cameras in auto racing. The company’s technology helps capture immersive media for producers; up-close, in-game experiences for viewers; and exclusive content for broadcasters and channels. Fans can also use C360-developed apps to select their own viewpoint while C360’s content streams work in augmented, virtual, and mixed reality formats. C360’s technologies are also being used by the armed forces and other aerospace defense and security organizations. “We appreciate the confidence that QCA has in C360 and our leadership to execute on our vision for the future of sports media,” said Carlos Silva, CEO of C360. “We are literally looking at every angle of sport, bringing fans and viewers closer to the action, and helping our partners deliver the type and variety of high-quality content that keeps people tuning in. QCA’s investment will help us to continue to change how people watch and engage in sports.”

About Queen City Angels

Queen City Angels (QCA) is a group of more than 180 experienced angel investors in the Cincinnati region. QCA members reside in 18 states and include successful entrepreneurs and former corporate executives. QCA investor members evaluate early-stage angel investment opportunities and provide on-going mentoring to young businesses with exceptional growth potential. QCA members typically donate the equivalent of over $5,000,000 per year in pro-bono mentoring, coaching, and guidance for entrepreneurs to improve their success and the success of angel investors. Since 2000, QCA members have directly invested over $80 million in more than 100 portfolio companies. The total capital invested in these companies, including QCA members’ capital, syndication partners’ capital, follow-on venture capital funds and venture debt, is approximately $800 million. CB Insight ranked QCA second out of 370 national angel organizations. For more information, visit www.qca.com or contact Scott Jacobs sjacobs@qca.com.

About C360

C360 has pioneered original 360 technologies that deliver the highest quality non-stitched immersive video products, live output for broadcast and OTT platforms. C360’s proprietary process and ultra-high-quality output has earned relationships with Fox Sports, CBS Sports, ESPN, NBC Sports, TNT, NASCAR, NFL, NHL, AWS Sports among many others including sports betting operators and data providers. Key investors in C360 include sports venture capital company SeventySix Capital, Cosm, Queen City Angels and BlueTree Venture Fund. Former ESPN executive Jed Drake is also a board member of C360. To learn more about C360, go to www.c360live.com.