Queen City Angels (QCA) First Fund VI (FFVI) opened and started making investments in March 2019. FFVI invested in a very promising portfolio of high-growth, early-stage companies, and has completed its investment cycle. QCA now presents the opportunity to invest in a new Fund using the same investment thesis as FFVI. Fund investments will be made in three primary verticals: IT companies (HRTech, FinTech, HardTech, Cybersecurity, AI, CleanTech), Bio/Life Science (medical devices, HealthCareIT, therapeutics, early-stage drug development), and Advanced Materials. The target fund size is $20-$25 million.

QCA is one of the most active angel groups in the U.S. Since its formation in 2000, QCA has invested over $115 million in 100+ companies.

These investments have attracted over $800 million in additional funding from other entities, e.g., angel groups, venture capital and private equity firms, to support the growth of these companies.


Below are key facts about the Queen City Angels, its deal flow, membership structure, historical returns, and other information to evaluate, in consideration for investing in QCA’s FF7.

Key Fact

Why This is Important to Prospective Investors*

QCA membership: The work to attract and assess possible investments and support portfolio companies is done by QCA members.

QCA membership has grown significantly, with increased diversity:

2015 2021 2024
Total Members: 50 139 187
% Female 6% 19% 22%
% African-American 0% 5% 3%
Other Investors of Color 0% 0% 4%

QCA has subject matter expertise within its membership for most industries we review for investment. As all members are investors, it is in their vested interest to spend time and energy building and managing a strong portfolio.

Numerous studies validate that diverse teams get better results.

QCA sees strong deal flow and is highly selective about which companies are selected for investment.

# of Companies
Funding applications 266
Screening 41
Present @ QCA investor meeting 23
Due diligence 17
Funded 5

Year after year QCA sees numerous companies seeking funding. QCA’s rigorous and well-documented processes allow for an increasingly thorough assessment of companies as they progress past each gate in our workflow.

QCA’s historical results for its previous Funds are noteworthy, and are all above the median for comparable venture funds. Results below reflect realized returns from successful exits and write-offs combined with projections of future outcomes from active portfolio companies.

QCA First Fund I-IV VC Benchmark IRR
2.2X-3.3X 9-25%
Median Top Quintile
2-12% 8-18%

While past performance cannot ensure future success, prospective investors can assess potential results based on QCA’s previous investment decisions. Importantly, QCA’s processes and expertise have only strengthened since First Fund III. As an example, QCA recently developed and deployed to its members a 322 page guide to all key steps of the assessment process.

QCA’s current and most recent Funds have a very high number of companies still active, compared with national data that indicate half of start-up companies fail within their first five years.

First Fund Total Portfolio Sold Failed Still Active % Active
V (2016-2018) 20 1 1 18 90%
VI (2019-present) 25 1 1 23 92%

QCA’s meticulous selection process is designed to identify and assess the strengths and weaknesses of prospective companies and make informed investment decisions. Further, QCA takes board positions in many portfolio companies (especially where QCA is the lead investor), allowing QCA to provide advising and oversight post-investment.

QCA’s First Fund VI is the most robust and diverse set of companies we have invested in to date.

15 different industries/sectors
18 have a fully qualified product or service offering
17 already generating revenue

Since QCA’s initial investment, many of these companies have been significantly derisked. QCA’s funding has helped a number of them undertake import product qualification, hire sales people to accelerate scaling, etc. In total, this allows the final investors in the Fund to benefit from the progress portfolio companies have made after two plus years of funding.

To learn more, please contact us

    *Investors in QCA must be accredited. According to the SEC, an accredited investor must have net worth, or joint net worth with the person’s spouse, that exceeds $1,000,000, excluding the value of the individual’s primary residence; OR have income exceeding $200,000 in each of the two most recent years or joint income with a spouse exceeding $300,000 for those years and a reasonable expectation of the same income level in the current year. For more information contact QCA, 4555 Lake Forest Dr Suite 650, Cincinnati, OH 45242, (513) 373-6972.


    Company Website Industry Value Proposition Location Offering Developed/ Qualified? Selling/ Generating Revenue?
    3barbiologics.com AgTech More viable microbes to increase crop yield Columbus, OH
    Akru.co FinTech Fractionalize real estate assets to simplify investing Cincinnati, OH
    Alphyn Biologics alphynbiologics.com Life Science developing atopic dematitis treatment Cincinnati, OH
    Anchormydata.com Data Security Tech platform to protect company data Columbus, OH area
    Bertthinfilms.com Advanced Materials Breakthrough IP to replace expensive silver with affordable copper
    in solar panels
    Louisville, KY In process
    Cloverleaf.me HR Tech Thriving teams via coaching at scale Cincinnati, OH area
    Coupa.com (acquirer) Supply Chain Tech Tech platform to increase supplier diversity Cincinnati, OH Successful sale to large company; Positive return
    Contentstatus.com Digital Marketing Automated digital shelf audit/ content management tool Mentor, OH
    Conveymd.com EdTech Education podcast platform for medical professionals. Memphis, TN
    Crakn.net Workflow Tech Funeral home workflow platform to simplify and improve processes Cincinnati, OH Successful sale to large company; Positive return
    Dartdisplays.com Retail Tech Increased retail sales via dynamic in-store digital signage Raleigh, NC
    Divineservices.com IT Parking solutions and on demand valet Cincinnati, OH
    Groupize.com Workflow Tech Comprehensive meeting and event management platform Boston, MA area
    Investment in process Medical device Peripheral vascular clot removal Boca Raton, FL
    Includehealth.com Health Tech Better patient outcomes while improving physical therapist
    Cincinnati, OH
    Healthyroster.com Health Tech Injury prevention at work and school via virtual diagnostics and
    treatment regimens
    Columbus, OH area
    ICHOR Vascular ichorvascular.com Life Science Peripheral vascular clot removal Boca Raton, FL
    Ischemiacare.com Health Care/Life Science Breakthrough blood testing platform that provides highly accurate
    stroke diagnosis
    Cincinnati, OH
    Joot.io FinTech Tech platform to optimize compliance at investment firms Cincinnati, OH Repaying the prinicpal
    Kurometherapeutics.com Life Science Pre-clinical cancer therapeutic leveraging immune response Cincinnati, OH In process
    Medilink Systems medacheck.com Med Device Device to measure usage compliance Cincinnati, OH In process
    NanoPattern Technologies nanopatterntechnologies.com Advanced materials High Resolution Photopatternable Nanoparticle Inks Chicago, IL
    IT Cincinnati, OH Ceased operations
    Plankk.com IT Helping fitness influencers develop customized training apps Franklin, TN
    PopBase N/A Digital Marketing Los Angeles, CA area Ceased operations
    Qualifi.hr HRTech Faster hiring by more efficient phone interviews Indianapolis, IN
    Readysetsurgical.com Health Tech IT Offers advanced scheduling, device tracking, real-time
    notifications, invoice reconciliation and system reporting for OR,
    SPD and supply chain personnel.
    Cincinnati, OH
    Real Time Intelligence rtintel.com IT – supply chain tech software that improves supply chain operations Clevleand, OH
    Resonado.com Audio Tech Streamlined speaker architecture enabling innovative design and
    optimal acoustic performance
    Chicago, IL
    SafeKeeping howsmom.net health tech family communication with assisted living facilities Evansville, IN
    Senseneuro.com Med Device Saving lives at reduced cost via better stroke diagnosis Cincinnati, OH In process
    Sharethis.com IT Ubiquitous sharing button enabling free engagement and growth tools
    for site owners
    San Francisco, CA area
    Shift Thermal shiftthermal.com Advanced materials advanced building cooling systems Knoxville, TN
    Med Device Breakthrough tool for better bariatric surgery outcomes Cincinnati, OH Successful sale to large company; Positive return
    Sureimpact.com FinTech Case management platform enabling organizations to communicate their
    social impact to funders and stakeholders
    Columbus, OH area
    Tactile Engineering tactile-engineering.com HardTech technology to improve information access for the blind and teach
    them how to read braille
    Lafayette, IN
    Tpastream.com Insure Tech Automates employee benefits for simpler and more cost effective
    employee benefits management
    Cleveland, OH area