Queen City Angels’ members are
right there with you – for the long run.

At QCA, we understand you have many challenges as a founder… countless milestones to meet, teams to build, validating your value proposition, testing your growth plans, and of course, raising money.

We understand, because many of our members have been where you are now – entrepreneurs trying to scale and exit. In fact, QCA closely mirrors all angel investors in the U.S. – including many successfully exited entrepreneurs.

Who do we Work with?

QCA seeks high-growth, technology-driven startups with founders who are looking for more than just capital. Our team supports startups that want to leverage the wisdom and insight of more than 185 angel investors to successfully grow, scale and exit their businesses.

The primary verticals/industry categories QCA focuses on include, but are not entirely limited to, information technology (B2B SaaS preferred, enterprise software, IoT), life sciences, and advanced materials.

Contact us so we can hear about you are working on. We are here to help support all types of founders. Even if we can’t fund all of them, we may be able to assist with coaching and connections as described below.

How It Works?

Here’s a quick video explaining our process and projected timelines you could expect

More than just Capital

QCA wants to help prepare you to pitch, meet with investors, and get the funding, training, mentoring you may need for you and your business to thrive. We have a host of educational programs and resources we will leverage to support your entrepreneurial dream. If not a fit for QCA funding, we will still make every effort to refer you to other appropriate support organizations in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Resources to Support Founders

QCA Education Foundation (dba Startup College®) is our wholly owned 501c3 non-profit arm designed to educate, engage, and train entrepreneurs to work side-by-side with angel investors. We have trained and mentored well over 1000 entrepreneurs through QCA programs – Morning Mentoring, Entrepreneur Boot Camp, and hundreds of investors through customized angel investor education sessions.

We strive to provide constructive feedback to founders we meet to help them advance their concepts and get the angel perspective on possible funding. Our members typically dedicate/donate over 20,000 hours per year on meetings, mentoring, active Board or Advisor participation, investment screening meetings, due diligence, and other entrepreneurial support activities. Tapping into QCA experience can be valuable to any startup. Just preparing for the QCA process, can help sharpen a startup’s focus and plans.

Before we ask you to formally apply for funding, please fill out a very short questionnaire by clicking on “Get Started Here” below. Here’s a quick video explaining our process and projected timelines you could expect.