Angel Capital Association Honors Tony Shipley with the Hans Severiens Award for his Incomparable Contributions to the Angel Community

Las Vegas, NV (July 10, 2023) – Queen City Angels’ Chairman and Co-Founder Tony Shipley’s pride for the more than 190 women and men who make up their membership as well as the coaching and mentoring they provide to entrepreneurs, is evident. In fact, winning the Hans Severiens Award at the 2023 ACA Summit of Angel Investing is a validation of his profound efforts to grow and support angel investing nationally through the Angel Capital Association as well as the community in which he works.

The Hans Severiens Award recognizes personal impact on the advancement of angel investing globally and highlights the special relationship that angels and entrepreneurs build to innovate, create jobs, and drive the economy. The ACA honored Shipley for his many contributions to this community at the 2023 ACA Summit of Angel Investing.

Since 2000, Shipley has led the Queen City Angels group (based in Cincinnati, OH), served as a board member for the ACA including a term as Chairman of the Board and worked tirelessly for the founding of the Angel Investor Foundation and chaired its capital campaign.

Given all his experience, there are still investments and stories that stand out in a storied career. As an example, early in QCA’s history, the group discovered a technology developed at a children’s hospital that could potentially be used to quickly prescribe the correct medication for people suffering from mental illness. Prior to this technology, the process had been an “educated guess” on which drug to initially prescribe. Failing improvement, doctors would have to pivot to another drug – a tedious and time-consuming process. This new technology relied on matching a person’s DNA makeup with psychiatrist drugs best suited for that DNA.

“It required many years and millions of dollars to prove the concept, but the test, known as Genesight, has been in the market for several years and the most recent report shows that more than 2,000,000 people have undergone the test. The results are used by doctors to recommend the most appropriate drug to treat the medical condition. This technology has been especially useful in treating children who are experiencing some form of mental illness,” said Shipley.

As research has shown including that of the Angel Funders Report and the data efforts of the ACA, entrepreneurs are largely the innovation and job-creation engines for our country. Looking to the future, Shipley has his eye on how angel investing can continue to support the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

“My hope is that ALL entrepreneurs seeking funding for their unique idea(s) can find enough angel and early-stage investors who will not only invest in their companies but will also provide the appropriate support and mentoring typically provided by investors in our asset class. Additionally, I support the vision that ACA and AIF can work with angel and early-stage investors to better prepare them for investing in this phase of a company’s life cycle, and to help them produce better outcomes for both them and the entrepreneurs they support. Doing these things will ultimately help the USA be more competitive on the world stage,” said Shipley.

About Queen City Angels

Queen City Angels (QCA) is a Cincinnati, Ohio-based professional angel investor group with over 190 angel investor members residing in 20 states. QCA members include successful entrepreneurs, former C-suite corporate executives, R&D/technical experts in life sciences, IT, and advanced materials, and others with related backgrounds. QCA leverages its proprietary Standards + Practices Guide to educate, train, and mentor both entrepreneurs and angel investors. QCA members typically donate approximately 40,000 hours per year in pro-bono mentoring, coaching, and guidance for entrepreneurs to improve their success and the success of angel investors. Since 2000, QCA members have directly invested over $100 million in more than 110 portfolio companies. The total capital invested in these companies, including QCA members’ capital, syndication partners’ capital, follow-on venture capital funds, and venture debt is more than $875 million. CB Insights ranked QCA second out of 370 national angel organizations. For more information, visit

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